Hito Modified Scott's Tap Water Substitute 5xConcentrate

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Scotts Tap Water substitute is a gentle formulation of "bluing" reagent designed for histology and cytology. It blues hematoxylin gently and minimizes loss of tissue sections and cells from glass slides. Our modified Scott's Tap Water Substitute is prepared to supply a gentle but appropriate blueing solution for staining. This formulation provides rapid bluing and precise nuclear chromatin and nuclear membranes detail obtained with routine Hematoxylin and Eosin stains.

Our product is 5x Concentrated and can be diluted to 1250ml

H&E staining or hematoxylin & eosin staining, is a popular staining method in histology. It is the most widely used stain in medical diagnosis and research.
Hito Hematoxylin Solution is designed on the principle of the Gill’s Hematoxylin method and in three ready-to-use formulation.

  • Hito Hematoxylin Solution - Single Strength - Recommended for cytological staining.
  • Hito Hematoxylin Solution - Double Strength - Recommended for counterstaining of immunohistochemistry and routine Histology.
  • Hito Hematoxylin Solution - Triple Strength - Recommended for histological staining of nuclei with shorter staining times.

Eosin Y is the most commonly used cytoplasmic stain, but Alcoholic Eosin Solutions are HIGHLY FLAMMABLE and HARMFUL, Hito Eosin-Y Aqueous Solution is a water base solution for fast and safe usage.
Hito HE-Diff™ Solution is water based and used for Hematoxylin staining differentiation.
The tap water in the traditional method is replaced by Hito modified Scott's Tap Water Substitut, which enables bluing up in a much shorter time and avoids tissue sections falling off from the slides, Our product is 5x Concentrated and can be diluted to 1250ml

250 ml

pdf Hito Modified Scott's Tap Water Substitute Manual and MSDS

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