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Golgi–Cox method requires impregnation of fresh unfixed brain blocks. However, if PFA-fixed or formaldehyde-fixed tissues have to be used, some special treatments for fixed tissues should be performed to get good results.

1. The animal must be completely perfused with buffer and fixative. Perfusion should be performed within five minutes after death of the animal. Once tissues are removed, transfer them into the fixative as soon as possible. Fixed and sucrose solution treated tissues can be stored at -70°C for a long time... ...

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How to make gelatin coated slides for Golgi staining?

Gelatin coated slides can hold Golgi sections on slides and prevent sections falling off. Using Hito Gel-Coat™ Solution for Golgi Staining, everyone can make low-cost gelatin coated slides with high quality like commercial grade products.

Procedure: Heat the water bath or oven to 50-60 °C, pre-warm the HITO GEL-COAT™ SOLUTION FOR GOLGI STAINING and allow the solution to ... ...

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Link for a Research Topic - ResearchGate, our HITO GOLGI-COX OPTIMSTAIN™ KIT will be a solution

Is it preferable to do golgicox staining for brain in paraffin embedded tissue section?


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How to prepare golgi staining samples using paraffin embedding method

  1. Prepare Hito Golgi-Cox OptimStain™ Kit Impregnation Solution
  2. Prepare animal for infusion by administering a lethal dose of anesthesia. Monitor it until the point when the animal fails to respond to pinching of the foot.
  3. Do not perfuse with buffer or fixative. Remove the tissue (brain, spinal cord or heart) as soon as possible.  Handle with care and avoid damage of the tissue. Large specimens should be sliced with a sharp blade into blocks of approximately 10 mm thickness.
  4. Rinse tissue in double distilled water for 2-3 seconds to remove blood from the surface.
  5. Transfer tissue into the mixed impregnation solution that is at least five times the volume of the tissue and store at room temperature in the dark.
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Hito Golgi-Cox OptimStain™ Kit User's Guide. & Safety Manual (Chinese translation

From Dr. **  ***, ** Hospital, BeiJing, China (Author personal information is removed)

Hito 高尔基优化染色试剂盒中文简要使用说明

警告: 此试剂盒包含有毒试剂,应在通风橱下进行实验,并同时使用防护服,手套,安全眼镜等实验室常规防护措施。操作结束后,用肥皂和水彻底清洗双手。



I. 溶液-1 准备

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